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3 Bachelor Party Bus Party Ideas For a Memorable Night
June 9, 2021 at 11:00 PM

Savannah, GA is filled with things to do for a bachelor party. The issue is always deciding which of them will create the best memories. Convenience and logistics are also two factors that, though far from fun, are important to consider.

Realizing all this, you might have decided on a bus party. Among the benefits, you won’t need to figure out transport for the night or assign a designated driver.

But that means you now need party bus party ideas.

Image Is Everything Party Bus hosts unforgettable bachelor parties week after week. So don’t fret; here are three ideas from us.

1. Plan destinations first.

Of course, the most exciting part about hiring a party bus is that you get to celebrate in different settings easily. But enjoying this huge advantage fully requires you to plan a little. Get together with the groomsmen and list all the places that you’ll be visiting.

Savannah offers a wide variety of diverse spots, but the main thing is to have an itinerary that keeps the party energy flowing. Plan according to the preferred vibe of the night, whether it’s starting wild and mellowing or the other way round.

It’s often best to start with bars and restaurants, so everyone has a chance to eat. Then your party bus can whisk you away, surrounded by yet more fun, to concerts, casinos, nightclubs, and wherever else the groom shall have a night to remember.

This early on, you also need to decide on the bus size required. Our buses at IIE Party Bus fit 14 to 17 and 20 to 25 passengers.

2. Decide on a theme.

A theme gives the bachelor party a launching pad to start off lively right from the start. The best themes are those that share a common resonance within the group. If there’s a TV show you all enjoy, for example, seek inspiration from the plot and characters.

However, there are general themes that never fail to infuse life into a bachelor’s party. If the wedding weekend coincides with a big game, you can’t go wrong with a sports theme. Likewise, you can have a “battle of the decades” theme; everyone simply comes dressed to reflect the decade they like the most.

Your theme is more immersive and fun when your decorations complement. Image Is Everything PB makes this something you don’t need to worry about when thinking about party bus party ideas. We help you with all the decorations.

3. Play various games.

As you switch stops, it’s up to you as the best man to keep the party alive. On-board games are a great way to keep the party’s pulse beating.

Games such as charades, five-second rule, or cards against humanity all keep the party going, depending on the mood. Make the games even more fun by interspersing them with slideshows that celebrate your shared friendship, the groom, and the life he can look forward to as a wedded man.

Get help with bachelor party bus party ideas — and a moving venue to make memories in.

A bachelor party on a party bus is sure to set the right tone for the big day. It’s our passion to make these kinds of experiences and memories possible at Image Is Everything Party Bus. Our event planners take care of every detail of the bachelor party, leaving you free to influence and enjoy it completely.

Give the groom one last swirl around Savannah, GA before the wedding bells. Book a party bus today.

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