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Why a party bus is perfect for bar hopping in Hinesville, GA
July 26, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Why a party bus is perfect for bar hopping in Hinesville, GA

There’s nothing like spending a night out with friends. The sites, sounds, food, and drinks go a long way to turning a mediocre night into one that’s unforgettable. At Image Is Everything Party Bus, we want to help you make your night one for the ages with a party bus in Hinesville, GA.

Anyone who’s ever gone bar hopping understands that it can be a logistical nightmare. We have the perfect solution to make your bar crawl go much smoother so it’s more enjoyable for everyone. Read our guide below to discover why a party bus is the missing piece to your perfect night out on the town.

Safety doesn’t take a vacation.

Driving can be problematic when you’re going bar hopping for a night. Nobody wants to be the designated driver because they’ll be left out of the fun, and hiring a cab or rideshare service isn’t always dependable. Having a party bus is a great way to ensure that you safely reach every destination without worrying about having a driver distracted by the reveling in the car.

The group stays together.

A party of more than four or five people can be difficult to keep together. Adults don’t always fit in a sedan, and even an SUV can get crowded in a hurry, which means you’ll need more than one vehicle. What’s more, no matter how many people have addresses and directions on their phones, somebody will always get lost when trying to go from one location to the next. A party bus makes it easy to keep everyone together for the entire night.

The more, the merrier.

Sharing photos of a night out with friends who weren’t invited can be awkward. You can bring everyone along in a party bus. This way, everyone gets to participate in the fun, and you can avoid awkward conversations at work or during your next get-together.

Keep the party rocking.

Parties build momentum throughout the night. They’ll often start slow, then build up to a climax where everyone is having the time of their lives. Eventually, that will die down, and the party will fizzle out. Sitting in traffic or coordinating rides can kill party momentum faster than just about anything. Keep your party’s momentum going between locations with a party bus. Play music, dance, and drink on the bus, all while you sit in traffic.

Stick to your schedule.

Whether your night ends at 10 pm or 2 am, you’ll want to stick to a schedule to make sure you hit every location on your list. While ride-sharing can be convenient, it’s not always reliable. A party bus is a great way to keep your schedule because your ride is ready and waiting for you, rather than standing around waiting for your ride to arrive.

Call to book your bus.

Get in touch with us at Image Is Everything Party Bus to book your bus. Our drivers will take your night of bar hopping to the next level with a party bus in Hinesville, GA. Give us a call at 912-272-8734 or send a message using our contact form. We’re here to answer your questions and help you plan an amazing night out.

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