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Planning a Special Savannah Event On Wheels With Image Is Everything Party Bus
May 19, 2020 at 4:00 AM
Party streamers for your party bus!

Everybody loves a great party. That’s a fact, and you’d be hard-pressed to argue otherwise. Once you’ve chosen your guests, theme, food, beverages, and more, there’s really only one inescapable limitation — you have to narrow it down to one location. That is, until now.

With Image Is Everything Party Bus, your entire event becomes mobile. The core venue goes where you go, and you can easily travel between additional locations without ever having to turn the music down — or get behind the wheel, for that matter. So what are you waiting for?

There’s never been a better time to plan your perfect party!

Let’s take it from the top.

First, there isn’t a party without a guest list. Our smaller party bus comfortably fits up to 17 people, while the larger equivalent is big enough for up to 25, so don’t worry about having too many friends; they can all come along for the ride.

The party can also be as youth-friendly or mature as you personally prefer. Image Is Everything Party Bus offers birthday parties for kids 4 and up, teen events like prom night, and adult gatherings like bachelor/bachelorette parties. The choice is all yours.

Ultimately, it won’t matter how young or old your friend group is — no one ever complains about trendy backlighting, TVs, game consoles, and a sound system that can make your bones vibrate if you want. (For the older groups, there’s also a pole. Do with that what you will.)

Once the guest list is signed on the dotted line, what’s next? Location, location, location, of course! With the party bus, that’s locations, plural; that’s the fun of having a party on wheels. Where do you want the bus to travel? How long do you want to linger at each destination? Most importantly, where and when will the bus initially pick up your group to start the good time?

Okay. So you have your group and your schedule. Next up is the soundtrack for your party-on-wheels! And you won’t be limited to a premade list of playlists, either. Cue up your favorite tunes, whatever they are, and don’t even think about apologizing for your friend who really can’t sing. (He’s having a good time, right? Screech away!)

Alongside the music, any party worth attending will feature snacks and drinks. Whether you’re a buffalo wings person or have a refined taste in wine, your preferred palate is more than welcome.

Our higher-end packages even include a white or dark alcohol of your choice, so bring your friends hungry (and thirsty!) — they won’t leave disappointed. (It’s called the Platinum Package for a reason!)

With transparent pricing, flexible plans, and the best bus in the Savannah, GA area, you straight-up can’t go wrong with Image Is Everything Party Bus for your next epic event.

Call us at 912-272-8734 to get the good times rolling (literally.) If you bring the people, we’ll bring the party! It’s not called the Party Bus for nothing, after all. So I’ll ask again: What are you waiting for? Let’s party!

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