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What’s Included in Party Bus Prices?
February 21, 2023 at 5:00 AM
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If you want to take your next big event to another level, you should consider renting out a party bus for you and your friends from Image Is Everything Party Bus. It takes any party and turns it into an unforgettable experience that you’ll look back at fondly for years to come.

One question we often get from customers is, “what all is included in the party bus prices.” This extensive guide will answer that and some other common queries, so you know exactly what to expect when planning your big party bus experience.

What exactly is a party bus?

Imagine going to a club that was driving you around town, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what a party bus is. It’s an outsized vehicle that has been modified into a vessel that can be used for partying from destination to destination. Our party buses come equipped with comfortable seating, poles for stability while on the move, party lights, and a great sound system. They can come in a variety of sizes and fit anywhere between 1 and 25 people.

What’s included in party bus prices?

Some people may look at party bus prices and believe it’s too expensive for their next event, but that’s before they consider what all is included in that price. We offer simple, upfront pricing listed by the hour. At those rates, you get everything you need for a memorable night. That includes the party bus itself and a highly professional driver who puts your safety above everything.

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On top of those basics, you’ll get a nightclub-style atmosphere that’s perfect for partying in as you get chauffeured to your next destination. We can even help you set up an itinerary to optimize your traveling party throughout Savannah, because we know all the best spots and the best routes to see them all. At the end of the party, we also provide cleaning supplies to help tidy everything back up included in the party bus prices.

Benefits of renting a party bus.

They’re incredibly convenient.

Coordinating transportation for large events can be a major hassle, but renting a party bus eliminates that problem. Just let everyone know where to meet up, hop aboard the bus, and start enjoying your night. It’s even better while you’re out exploring different parts of the city. Rather than organizing cabs or splitting the group up in ridesharing vehicles, everyone just returns to the bus and keeps the party going.

Your safety is our priority.

Our highly-trained and incredibly professional drivers will be with you throughout the entire party to keep everyone safe. You’ll have someone who has hosted numerous party bus events, and they have a deep knowledge of the city. They can help ensure everyone exits the bus safely and that no one is left behind. That means all you have to focus on is having a great time.

You’ll make a great first impression.

When a party bus pulls up to a destination, it’s going to draw attention. Everyone will take notice of your crew as you keep the party going from destination to destination. That feeling of being the VIPs alone is worth the price of party buses.

Check out the prices of our party buses.

It’s party time in Savannah! If you’re looking for the perfect way to plan a special event coming up in your life, then look no further than Image Is Everything Party Bus. We’re not like other limo services. We do what it takes to make sure you have 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Browse our party bus prices to find the best package for your event, or book now using our convenient online booking tool.

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