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Why You Need a Party Bus for Prom
April 10, 2020 at 4:00 AM
A special event at a high school.

When looking for party buses in Savannah, Georgia, and other exciting cities, you want the best luxury experience for yourself and your friends.

At Image Is Everything, we have thought of everything that a party bus needs for prom. Our team understands that details matter, which is why we strive to make every excursion a success.

We take pride in the fact that sometimes our clients have a better time celebrating on the way to and from the event than at the event itself.

Check out our full range of fun party bus options just in time for prom. You provide the time, place, route, number of guests, and other requests. Let Image Is Everything take care of the rest.

The Image Is Everything Experience

Prom is as much about showing off as it is the beautiful venue and memorable dances. You invest a lot of time into your clothes, your hair, and even the flowers. 

With Image Is Everything party buses, the ride to prom is half the fun. Enjoy a luxury ride with your friends and arrive in style.

Our commitment to your best possible prom means that we leave out no details in our effort to provide the best experience possible.

Party Buses in Savannah, GA that Make the Ride to Prom Half of the Fun

Each party bus has the look and feel of a rolling night club. With exciting lights, loud music, and other fun features, you will experience a truly memorable prom night.

Image Is Everything party buses include experienced drivers dedicated to getting the party to its destination quickly and safely. Our buses serve three cities that love to party, Savannah, Hilton Head, and Jacksonville.

Spend More Time with Your Peeps

Prom is more than just dances, photos, and punch. For seniors especially, this is one of the last times that you and your friends may be able to enjoy a school event together. Make the most of prom and make once-in-a-lifetime style memories together on your luxury party bus.

Make Your Excursion Instaworthy

Let your ride to prom shine on social media. We encourage you to take as many selfies and pictures as you like during the ride there. Share your fun with friends and family while we get you there safely and in style.

Enjoy Delicious Food and Drinks During Your Party Cruise

What's a party without scrumptious food and refreshing drinks? With the right party bus package from Image Is Everything, you can ride in style. Enjoy our wings, ice, cups, and delicious non-alcoholic drinks, perfect for prom party enjoyment.

Ensure a Memorable Night for Everyone

Make memories for you and your guests that you all will be sharing at reunions for decades to come. The glitz, glamor, and togetherness with best friends during an exciting night on the town create memories you will all treasure.

Image Is Everything will make sure that your party bus excursion to prom meets or exceeds your expectations. Our driver and staff understand how to set the right vibe for your ride to the prom. Let us handle all of the transportation details while you and your friends enjoy our hospitality.

Reach Out Today

Learn more about our packages for prom and other special occasions today. Call, message, or email us at Image Is Everything. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions or book a reservation today.

Let us help you enjoy a thrilling, fun, and luxurious prom experience. Call the good time experts at Image Is Everything today.

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